Friday 31 May 2013

argot 1.3.b3 released

As a step towards a full release of Argot, I've decided to release Argot 1.3.b3 (beta 3).  This release includes a number of significant changes and is nearly ready for a full release.  It includes the following changes:
  • Removed packages. The older 1.2.x versions of Argot includes packages which are designed to operate in a more traditional request/response environment.  As the Argot 1.3 release is targeted towards MQTT and the Internet of Things, these packages will be released in a separate argot-remote package in the future.
  • Removed example. The older 1.2.x versions of Argot included a bookstore example which was modeled on older RPC mechanisms.  Once again, as this release is targeted towards the Internet of Things I've decided to remove it.  More relevant examples will be provided in the future.
  • Updated the meta dictionary.  The Argot meta dictionary defines the core types from which all other data types are defined.  The updates includes combining a number of extensions which are not strictly required by the meta dictionary, but make maintenance and implementation easier.  This allowed removing a few classes from the library.
  • Documentation removed.  The documentation provided with the older version is out of date and would be more confusing than anything else.  Removed until this is updated in the future.
  • Additional cleanup.   Changes such as updating the name of the bool type to boolean and various other small changes were made.  The full list is maintained in the readme file.
Given this release contains no documentation and only one example is provided, it is only for the brave.  The next steps are to create examples which show off the capability of Argot better and ensure the core library and compiler are thoroughly tested. To that end I've acquired a Freetronics EtherTen and a Freetronics Cube.  These are both Arduino compatible and will provide great examples of Argot in action.

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