Sunday 9 June 2013

argot 1.3.b4 released

Today I've released Argot v1.3.b4 (beta 4).  This has a couple of changes found while developing the Arduino MQTT Argot tutorial which went online today.  The changes include:

  • Modify the meta marshaller - During the development of the tutorial I found that a TODO in the code which related to building TypeMaps which use the MetaAbstract type.  The code originally required that the full meta dictionary be included in all user defined TypeMaps.  This has now been fixed and the new tutorial shows it nicely with having only 7 data types.
  • Update the compiler - Added the ability to use expressions in the simple definition syntax.  This was mainly so I could use the meta.abstract data type simply in the tutorial.  It was also on the TODO list, so nice to get this out of the way too.
  • Update the Argot marshaller annotation - The original annotation only allowed a select few marshallers to be used which were defined in an enumerated type.  The enumerated type is now removed and the marshaller class is now added directly.
The new tutorial demonstrates using Argot with MQTT.  The use of the Arduino was not required, however, it does nicely show an end-to-end use case of the software.  The Arduino code is currently hand crafted to process the message received from Argot.  Future releases will include an Arduino Argot library to automate the processing code.

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